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How Our Services, Fees, and General Coverage Works

While we are locally based, owned, and operated out of Hamlin, Pennsylvania, we do, in fact, proudly supply the Tri-City Area and it’s encompassed regions: New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, with extensive coverage regarding sheds, garages, carports, hunting blinds, and other various outdoor structures as well. To best serve all of our clients living in the many Tri-City Area communities, we offer a wealth of options to suit the needs of each patron on an individualized level. To that effect, we’re contractible for complete “build-on-site” options for sheds, garages, and structures to simply supplying the materials and plan set for the more adventurous DIYers. Granted we endeavor during each project to provide quality services, competitive pricing, and unparalleled coverage, it is important to know that the capacities in which we are able to affect said coverage does vary from project to project; and from region to region.



Coverage Options In New York

For our valued New York residents and clientele, we are able to accommodate most any building/structural need; however, we only offer “build-on-site” options & at-property coverage for our various construction services throughout any New York communities. To the delight of many of our New York patrons, this extends to specialty structures/shelters, grow/greenhouses, custom sheds, garages, workshops, and large outdoor structures. Valued New York residents and soon-to-be customers in the New York area, please get in touch with our on-staff professionals here at Lamberton Sheds, LLC to inquire about scheduling & availability, job quotes/estimates, or additional information regarding our various property services & construction coverage.


New York Residents
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Coverage Options In New Jersey

Regarding the clients/customers (and their subsequent properties & projects) that reside throughout the state of New Jersey, we do offer complete “on-site” construction services and customized structural design/erection. How this is usually carried out is quite simple in application but absolutely imperative in its necessity: we offer cost/obligation-free project consultations, and an itemized estimate prior to any contractual commitment. As always, our coverage for New Jersey properties & customers includes several build options and construction choices; chief among those being garages, sheds, cabins, green/growhouses, cattle corrals, livestock shelters, and specialized selections.


New Jersey Residents
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Coverage Options In Pennsylvania

When endeavoring to update or modernize your Pennsylvania property (be it via a specialty structure, customized carport, or specified sheds) and its overall capacity for spatial accommodation, we urge all fellow Pennsylvania locals to consider our noteworthy expertise here at Lamberton Sheds, LLC. We offer not only an extensive array of property additions and structural upgrades but also literal generations of experience in designing, constructing, and installing the many of our building options. What’s more, our considerable construction coverage throughout Pennsylvania extends to include financing flexibility, rent-to-own leasing, on-site builds/construction, as well as material provisions for the ambitious DIYer. Please note that any deliveries outside of a 20 mile radius may incur an additional transportation & handling fee when shipping a particular structure/material supply. Furthermore, depending on the distance, we may advise our preferred Pennsylvania patrons to take full advantage of the on-site construction coverage we offer for our many structures and build designs.


Pennsylvania Residents
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